Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of answers to all of the common questions I've been asked over time. If you have questions that are not listed here just drop me a line through my "contact" page.


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The mother of all questions, and rightfully so. Your wedding day is one of the biggest investments you are going to make in your life no matter if you are a  platinum bride or a bride on a budget. I try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing and services. With that said, I do not have my prices listed publicly for various reasons. For starters my rates vary by location. Many weddings require travel and Iodging. When quoted with a final rate travel will be included into the one price.  Also,  different clients require different needs. I aim to work with my clients to create custom collections to best suit their needs.


I also offer a range of extras such as wedding albums to  photobooth rentals. Full price sheet can be made available upon request. 

Do you have an assistant?

Sure do! Her name is Carol and she is awesome. Carol is fun, engaging, charismatic and is always on the ball. As my assistant, she does everything from holding the light for awesome shots, to rounding family members for portraits. Carol will also serve as a second shooter should the situation call for it.

Do you photoshop every image?

Usually when asked this question people are referring to editing such as color correcting, which I indeed do. Every image is hand-edited one at a time. I utilize photoshop or any image editing software to simply enhance images but not to drastically alter them. What makes wedding photography so beautiful is how natural and true to the moment the images are.  I tell all my couples not to expect me to alter body shapes/ sizes and give them flawless porcelain skin. I will remove and clean up major distractions and blemishes on a photo on an as needed basis. 


There are a select number of images that will receive some extended TLC. These images will be  part of my signature "Bliss" collection. These are images I identify to be the best of the best and are usually the ones clients would want hanging on their walls. These images go through a more artistic editing process.

What is your process for holding a date?

Your date is automatically penciled in for 7 days upon submitting your request through my contact page. I will contact you within 24 hours. Feel free to use the next 7 days to get all of your questions answered. Once confirmed, I will provide you with my contract. Once the Contract is in your possession The date will be held for 30 days. Should you fail to submit a signed contract along with the 20% (non refundable) retainer, the date will be released and available for any inquiring. Unfortunately, this is the only way to hold a date. 

How many images do I get?

I have zero caps when it comes to the images you receive. If it is an awesome shot, you will receive it. On average, my clients receive a range of 600-800  edited images. Once again, there are zero limits so you can easily receive more images.

How long until I receive my images

Images can be expected between 8-12 weeks following the wedding. In this day and age this may be seen as an eternity but I do hand edit all images myself. Although the option to outsource does exist for a faster delivery, I prefer to give every image my personal touch.

Destination weddings?

Although I am based in NJ I am willing to travel pretty much anywhere to photograph a wedding. Please contact me with details in order to provide you with accurate pricing.

What happens if you get sick or injured and can't shoot our wedding?

Barring serious injury, I would aim to carry on with the shoot, and in such a case, give my assistant more second shooter duties to avoid a deficient shot count. In the event of an emergency I do have a network of professional photographers,  that I've worked with in the past, that would cover for me. Should that accident occur well in advance (i.e. broken leg) I would provide you with several options which would involve a portfolio of several recommended photographers at no extra cost to you. Much like a professional athlete, I do have self imposed restrictions within a wedding time frame (curfew, diet, and travel). I try my best to limit any occurrences that would prevent me from providing my service.

Can I give you a shot list?

You can provide me with a shot list, but in all honesty I prefer that you didn't. Please let me clarify...

I highly welcome and encourage shot lists of "VIP" attendees and special groups. For instance, in some families Uncle Joe can't stand cousin Jane and you would prefer if they were not forced to take images together. Or, you have Aunt Jane traveled from over seas and you have not seen her in over 10 years, so you need to ensure that you have at least one photo with her on your big day. I strongly encourage these lists.

Now other groupings or "cool" shots found on pintrest are considered big time killers and can run the risk of impacting documenting the images you truly want and will cherish.

There will be a point in your wedding where I feel comfortable in the images I have that I will touch base with you and ask if you have any "extras" that you will like to shoot. 

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