Fabian  Ferguson  (Double F)

Q&A with Doublefphoto


Chances are you are shopping for a photographer and all of these "about me" sections are starting to look the same. Unless of course, I am your first stop, then I advise that you look no further :). Let me save you from another typical read with a little Q&A.  Jump to the parts that interest you and skip the ones that don't. Don’t forget to visit my FAQ section for answers to your questions about my services.

The Basics:

  • Father of two 

  • Husband 

  • Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Currently, live in NJ (wife made me move)

  • Of Panamanian descent 

  • Graduate of SUNY Albany

  • Knicks and NY Giants fan

  • Seen every Disney animated movie (Little Mermaid is my favorite w/ Pete's Dragon (original) at a strong second)

  • Pseudo Chef

  • Really wish I knew how to play an instrument. People are always impressed by instruments.

So what is your story? What made you pick up the camera?

For starters, I've always been a creative. I started off early in life with basic drawing and sketches. As technology evolved so did I. So my sketching talents quickly evolved to graphic designing. Now this is where things take a little turn. I am, well was, a huge gym rat and spent a lot of time developing my physique. In my younger days I can admit to being a little conceited, thought I was the next, not so attractive Tyson Beckford, and decide to share my hard work with the world through amateur bodybuilding and fitness modeling. I've had the opportunity to work with many great photographers throughout this time, and took part in creating stunning images. I loved all of the work I had the pleasure to be a part of. So much so that the creative in me starting getting curious and drawing more interest to the work these great photographers were doing behind the camera than the work I was doing in front of it. One day I reached out to my favorite photographer, Kevin Moore, and asked if I can assist him with one of his shoots. I wanted to study him create, and learn from him. He agreed, taught me everything he knew, and from that point doublefphoto began to grow. I was eager to learn, eager to create, eager to capture, and have been doing so ever since.

Why do you like wedding photography?

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Because it is fun duh! : )

All jokes aside, I have many reasons to love photography. But of them all, I would have to say my biggest reason is because it gives me PURPOSE. I love to create... nothing drives me more than the need to capture a beautiful image. Yes, I am passionate about photography and I fulfill that passion every time I press the shutter on my camera. But when I get an email from a bride's sister thanking me for the pictures, and that she cried watching the slide show, it is no longer about my passion and I. It becomes more... it becomes Purpose. I can honestly say that my love for photography grew greatly when I realized this. It is extremely fulfilling to know that families and friends are bonding over the images I create. Memories and moments will be relived years from now because of the work I love to do.

How would you describe your style?

Well there is definitely the cliché answer where I aim to fully tell the story from a wedding day. This is totally true, but that should be every wedding photographer's goal shouldn't it? 

I consider myself a very technical shooter. As I shoot, there are many elements I consider at a time. I challenge myself to focus on the variables more so than my subject by  trying to create an atmosphere within my photos. I try to find the balance in the scenery, symmetry, color, lighting, textures, and few others. Once I have a feel for those then I work my subjects in and try to harmonize. 

I know what you are thinking, "What the heck is he talking about?!". I guess another way to put it is that I aim to have the photo as a WHOLE tell my story. It’s not only about the beautiful bride and the handsome groom in my images, but about the space and elements around them. The lamp in the background or the painting on the wall is all there because I want them to be there. I believe they tell the story as it should be told and help in conveying the emotions of the moment.


I also love color grades and negative space :)

Halloween 2016 with my princess

What is your secret to capturing the best moment?

My peripheral vision is borderline freakish at times. I have a four-year-old daughter and a cat... I see everything!!!

Truth of the matter is, I think I am just really good at anticipating what’s going  to happen next or how someone is going to react. I’m always observant and study those around me constantly. For example, I can anticipate whether or not the father daughter dance is going to be a very emotional based on the bride and her father's interactions earlier in the day. 

I also try not to leave things to chance. I make sure to visit the space ahead of time and also try to take part in the rehearsal. This allows me to pre-identify positioning, map out locations for portraits, and just get an overall feel for the wedding day before it happens.



My guilty pleasures

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I gain a lot of my inspiration from the people I shoot. Many times their personalities shape the way I shoot. I aim to have my images be a true reflection of the moment and the people taking part in it. 

Now, as far as general creative inspiration, Game of Thrones. The color grading in GOT is nothing short of amazing.  I personally believe you can freeze an episode at any point and be left with a stunning still image. 

Do you do anything other than take pictures?

Yes, I am an AMAZING cook. Seriously, ask my daughter, she picks daddy's over mommy's cooking 10 times out of 10. Cooking is another one of my creative outlets. My perfect Sunday involves me trying out a new recipe or creating my own.